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Esports Press offers 3 main services:

1. Self-Publishing of Press Releases which can be found here: https://www.esportspress.co.uk/submit-press-release/  Press Releases are checked and approved by our staff before posting. * A Free Service. However, if you wish to Donate to the site via Paypal we have a button on the front page (toggle the amount you wish to donate). Otherwise please just tell your friends and associates in the industry about us.

2.Resposting of content into appropriate social media and social/business accounts, including Facebook and Twitter accounts with over 20,000 ‘organic’ followers and Linkedin groups..including:

Video Games & Esports (35,000+ members)
Esports Business (11,000 members)
Esports & Games Content (2600+)
Esports Betting (1800+)
Sports and Esports (640+) ​​
Motor Racing Games: (new 500+)
Mobile Esports (700+) *This is a Free but limited service at our discretion or on request.

3. Writing of Press Releases or creation of PR & content in various mediums. Esports Press has a number of Staff Writers (and always looking for more) who are ready and able to write press releases, create PR interviews with stakeholders (written or audio), make explainer videos and much more. *All paid services. For more details Contact Us